Kevin McGowan
UX Designer


ux design | responsive website


Generating buzz for a new crowdfunding platform

Design concept: A new crowdfunding platform for small businesses needed a promotional site to generate buzz prior to launch. The goal was to explain how the investing process works and to generate leads to potential businesses and investors.

My roles:

  • User & Competitive Research
  • Personas
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes

Key concerns of business owners and investors.

Key concerns of business owners and investors.

Understanding the market
and the customers

I performed a competitor analysis looking into direct and indirect competition for business crowdsourcing, paying particular attention to how those platforms attract customers.

Crowdsourcing is becoming a crowded space. To find a niche, OpenDoor will need to combine the excitement that KickStarter generates with their campaigns with the small-business support of sites like Microventures and Localstake.

To get to know concerns of small business owners, I conducted a couple of in-depth interviews. with small business owners to learn about their experiences with starting a business and raising capital.

User Personas

I created three user personas to keep individual users in mind through the design process. Two are business owners and one investor was created since the main goal of this project was to attract business owners, but investors couldn't be completely left out.



I landed on a single page website for the general design and created wireframes. I shared these a small number of people for feedback.

Hamburg menu (upper left) lets users jump to different sections on the page. A secondary menu (upper right) would have direct users to call to actions. Testing with users showed that two menus were confusing and unnecessary.


UI Design

I added the remaining visual elements and wrote the copy for the single page marketing site.